German electronics and engineering company Bosch has announced that it is currently developing technology aimed at preventing low-side motorcycle crashes.  

The technology which has been dubbed the ‘slid mitigation’ activates a system that uses a sensor that can detect sideways wheel slip if a motorcyclist runs over wet leaves, an oil spill, or gravel on the road. If the sensor detects a certain value of slip, a jet of air is released from a gas accumulator similar to what is used in passenger car airbags.

In addition to this, it was disclosed that the gas from the accumulator flows into the tank adapter and vents through a nozzle to keep the motorcycle on track. As it currently stands, the German engineering conglomerate’s innovative technology can only be deployed once before the gas accumulator needs to be replaced. Even still, saving you from a single low-side is extremely valuable.

This latest innovation from Bosch is just the latest in a series of technologies it has developed to help motorcyclists. For starters, a new collision warning system has been developed which alerts the rider through an acoustic or optical signal if they get dangerously close to another vehicle. Additionally, Bosch has developed a blind-spot recognition system which can detect if a vehicle is in the rider’s blind spot.

Bosch intends on introducing adaptive cruise control, blind spot warnings, and collision warning in the Ducati Multistrada and KTM 1290 Super Duke.