Infiniti, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automotive colossus Nissan has announced that it will join the global revolution towards electrification. Electrification and the shift towards self-driving cars are dominating the car sector as more and more manufacturers outline their plans towards their transition to low-emission vehicles.

The electrification craze was spearheaded by Volvo who said it would no longer produce new vehicles with self-combustion engines from 2019 onwards. The luxury Infiniti brand will offer a hybrid powertrain in every new model by 2021 and will introduce its first all-electric vehicle by 2021. The announcement was made by Nissan CEO, Hiroto Saikawa at the Automotive News World Congress which was held in Detroit.

A representative for Infiniti has claimed that the company estimates that more than half of its global sales will comprise of electric cars by 2025. However, it did concede that like other automakers the majority of that will be consist of hybrids. Analysts have pointed out that Infiniti only plans to introduce its first ‘all-electric’ car in 2021, which is just four years before the aforementioned timeframe.

Infiniti’s parent company Nissan has enjoyed phenomenal success with the Nissan Leaf which is the best-selling electric car in history. However, executives at Infiniti are reluctant to introduce a luxury version of the model.  

Infiniti does currently offer hybrid versions of the Q50 and Q70 sedans, and briefly offered a hybrid powertrain in its QX60 crossover.  

To expand hybridization to the rest of its lineup, Infiniti will borrow on Nissan’s e-power hybrid system. Unlike the systems used by many automakers, an electric motor handles all propulsion, with the internal combustion engine acting solely as a generator. The system debuted in 2016 in Japan on the Nissan Note (sold as the Versa Note in the United States) hatchback.