As part of its investment in future mobility and efforts to shape the thinkers of tomorrow, General Motors has partnered with Sultan Qaboos University in Oman for the first ever Unmanned Vehicle Systems Conference. Organized by the College of Engineering at the university, the 2019 edition will be attended by engineers, academics and regulators to increase awareness and knowledge exchange on the future of mobility.

GM’s participation in the conference underscores its commitment to support education around electric vehicles (EVs), as well as inspiring next generation of STEM students to be engaged in alternative propulsion and a future of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion – the company’s vision for mobility.

As part of the conference, GM will organize a static and dynamic trial of the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV, the brand’s fully electric and affordable hatchback, which will enable students to take a closer look at the vehicle and experience its advanced propulsion system.

Furthermore, Gary West, Head of Future Mobility for General Motors, will deliver a rotating 15-min talk and walkaround of the Bolt EV to university and industry representatives. As part of the initiative West will also present a case study titled ‘Future Mobility – Moving Humanity Forward’, providing deeper insight into GM’s vision for the future of transportation.

“At GM we have a clear vision of the future of mobility – zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestions – and this conference will give us the opportunity to engage with engineers, thought leaders and innovators in this arena. The Middle East is embracing EVs at a heartening pace and we are investing heavily to accelerate this momentum. Through this conference we aim to increase awareness of the changes the transportation industry is undergoing and the importance of all of us, from manufacturers to students and regulators, to rally behind this cause,” said West.  

GM recently demonstrated the Chevrolet Bolt EV’s abilities across Oman as part of the 2,000-km Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) that reaffirmed the vehicle’s every-day credentials and its unprecedented driving range of over 500km. The conference will enable GM to further heighten interest in EVs in the Sultanate as the country continues to invest in installing the necessary infrastructure for greater adoption of zero emission vehicles. 

“During EVRT the excitement and the willingness of Omani motorists to embrace EVs was evident. Almost everyone who drove the Bolt became an EV-convert, and we are confident our participation in the conference is going to further spur this change,” added West.

The Unmanned Vehicle Systems Conference starts on February 5th and will also feature several workshops, students’ projects competitions, as well as an exhibition on UVS during the course of three days.