Japanese manufacturer Toyota has showcased its entire portfolio of concept cars at the Geneva Motor Show. Toyota has always been recognized as a pioneer for efficient driving and its diverse range of zero-emissions intelligent mobility solutions certainly caught the eye amongst attendees at the global car industry show in Switzerland.

The Concept-i-range is comprised of a series of individual vehicles that offer autonomous, electric and intelligent capabilities. The smallest vehicle in the line-up is the Concept-i-Walk, which is a Segway-like vehicle specifically designed for pedestrians. It is equipped with an electronic safety system that enables it to avoid obstacles.

The next product in its portfolio is the small Concept-i-Ride, which is an urban vehicle that has a striking similarity with that of Smart-For-Two that has just returned from a futuristic world. The strange looking vehicle relies on its AI system to maneuver around autonomously and can travel for distances of around 100-150km on a single charge.

Its most impressive vehicle being showcased is the original Concept-i which Toyota officially unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in January. The vehicle was designed at the Japanese manufacturers CALTY research center in the United States. The Concept-I can anticipate the needs of its passengers in order to improve their daily commute. The capabilities of the car allow it to be driven both manually and autonomously, while the AI system entitled Yui oversees all of the driver’s inputs and analyzes its overall responsiveness.

In addition to this, Toyota has also disclosed that its innovative Yui AI system can use light, sound and touch with the passengers to communicate using lights in the foot wells to indicate whether or not the car is in autonomous or manual mode.