A new survey has suggested that more and more American motorists are warming up to the idea of self-driving cars. The research which was conducted by AAA Michigan indicated that 63% of motorists are still skeptical about driving autonomous vehicles in the United States.

However, the latest research represents a significant reduction as 78% of those surveyed last year claimed they were weary of self-driving technology last year. That’s a reduction of 15% in just twelve months which appears to highlight clearly that more and more Americans are embracing the self-driving revolution.

In addition to this, the survey disclosed that the skepticism over self-driving cars is a generational factor. The research claimed that millennials and male drivers appear to be the most willing to purchase a semi-autonomous vehicle. However, the research did discover that just 13% of US drivers would feel safer sharing the road with an autonomous car.  

AAA Public Affairs spokesman and Traffic Safety Specialist, Gary Bubar said that one of the main factors against self-driving cars is that many motorists simply love the experience of driving and being in total control of the vehicle.

He said, “Most drivers still enjoy the experience of getting behind the wheel of their own vehicle. Therefore, the safety features in a semi-autonomous vehicle might be more appealing to a driver who is not quite ready to give up the wheel.”

While for many US motorists the thought of riding in a self-driving vehicle remains a futuristic concept, the fact of the matter is automakers on a global basis are actively pursuing the development of self-driving technology in their vehicles. The rigorous testing of self-driving cars would suggest that sharing the road with an automated vehicle is likely to become a near-term possibility and not some scene from a futuristic film.

AAA’s survey also offered insights as to why some motorists are reluctant to purchase advanced vehicle technology. Most trust their driving skills more than the technology (73 percent) — despite the fact that research shows more than 90 percent of crashes involve human error. Men in particular, are confident in their driving abilities with 8 in 10 considering their driving skills are better than the average.